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Laboratory methods

Scanning electron microscopy and synchrotron x-ray imaging are powerful tools for studying developing tooth enamel.

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Fossil collection

The ephemeral Kokiselei laga in Turkana, Kenya, is the site of important fossil remains that contain clues about the environment and climate of sites of hominin occupation.

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Modeling seasonal hydrology, animal behavior and physiology

Computational optimization routines can be combined with detailed study of tooth isotope chemistry, mineralization, and physiology to reconstruct patterns of past seasonal hydrology.

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Compound-specific imaging reveals patterns of organic and mineral deposition during tooth growth.

We have corroborated synchrotron imaging findings with scanning electron microscopy. This technique allows us document the magnitude of oxygen, calcium, phosphorus and carbon deposition in secretory and maturation matrices during molar mineralization.

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A scanning electron microscopy image showing elemental mapping of maturing enamel matrix. Photographed in collaboration with James Weaver.

Miocene deposits at the site of Lothagam in Turkana, Kenya.

An important part of my research has included fieldwork in the Turkana Basin, and serving as a teaching assistant for the Turkana Basin Institute (TBI)'s Field School. Here, Lothagam sandstone deposits viewed by students during Craig Feibel's geology class taught at TBI Turkwel in Turkana, Kenya.

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Miocene sediments at Lothagam photographed during Craig Feibel's geology module for the TBI for the TBI field school.

Student mentorship at Eliot House, Harvard College.

I have served as a resident tutor at Eliot House for 4 years, providing support for students seeking fellowship and other funding sources, and advising students in Human Evolutionary Biology.

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The Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ) building, where students attend Human Evolutionary Biology, Archaeology, and Earth and Planetary Science classes.

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People who support my work.

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My C.V.

For a more detailed record of my research, publications and presentations.

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